Black Beach – Famous For It’s Diamond Shining At Full Moon

Black Beach near Mokau

Black Beach – Probably The „Blackest“ Beach in the World

You find an exceptional and fascinating Black Beach near Mokau and Awakino Heads. I have never seen darker  sand than here. The deep black sand is famous for its quartz crystals. On a clear day the Black Beach also offers a great view with Mount Egmont or Mount Taranaki in the background.

Black Beach at Mokau at a rainy day

Awakino Heads is a settlement in the south of Waitomo District on the North Island of New Zealand. It is located on State Highway 3 at the mouth of the Awakino River.  5 kilometres south at the west coast there is Mokau, a historic 19th century coastal shipping port.

If you sit on the black beach at a full moon night it might look like a starry sky or like millions of diamonds in the sand :) So romantic and beautiful!

Diamonds in the sand at Black Beach Mokau

It is also a popular area for fishing, including whitebaiting on the Mokau and Awakino Rivers in the open season.

Have you ever seen a darker beach in your life ?


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