Cathedral Rocks – 3 Stunning Sunrises In A Fascinating Scenery

Sunrise at Cathedral Rock, New South Wales

The almost lonely beaches between Kiama and Minnamurra Headlands – 120 km south of Sydney – offer not only a great opportunity to walk along the coast, go surfing, swimming or do BBQs. The beaches and the coastal line offer also a fascinating, awesome scenery for sunrise and sunset.

The scenery at sunrise is so energetic and breathtaking that is really worth to wake up, even if you are usually no early morning bird! I can’t imagine a better start of my day!


Sunrise at Cathedral Rocks

Cathedral Rocks are a stunning rock formation between Bombo Beach and Jones Beach very close to Kiama. I met some photographs at Cathedral Rocks who drove 80 km in the very early morning just to see this spectacular sunrise in this breathing scenery.

Sunrise Cathdral Rock1

Definitively one of the best places to start your day with great morning appreciation  :-D

Sunrise Cathedral rock2

Sunrise at Jones Beach

Jones’s Beach is another popular surfing beach just 5 minutes north of the Kiama township. Its a cool beach and with this light it is just the very best start of a day :-)

Sunrise Jones Beach

Sunrise Jones beach2




Bombo Quarry – Sunrise on the Moon?

Bombo Quarry sunrise2

Take a walk through Bombo Headland, among the unusual basalt columns – it feels like you’re on the moon! The basalt walls and columns are a legacy of blue metal quarrying in the 1880s and 1900s. At that time the basalt was an important resource, used by the growing area of Kiama to build roads and railroad tracks.

bombo quarry sunrise

The Bombo Headland’s clusters of hexagonal basalt columns are an internationally recognized geological phenomena.

Bombo Quarry near Kiama

Bombo Quarry at Sunrise

Take a look north and you will see the award winning Cathedral Rocks, Minnamurra Headland and Jones Beach. Look south and you can see an impressive view of Kiama. Bombo Headland is a great surfing beach too.


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