Kennett River – Where The Wild Koalas live!

Koalas at Kennett River Great Ocean Road

Otway Coast & Kennett River – Wildlife & National Parks at Great Ocean Road

Kennett River is a small seaside town in Victoria, situated 174 kilometres west of Melbourne on the Otway Coast  part of the scenic Great Ocean Road.



The place is known for scenic coastal views, the Great Otway National Park, and surfing. Kennett River is also one of the best places in Australia to see koalas in the wild. Turn into Grey River Road, off the Great Ocean Road and along the first two kilometres of the road you will be unlucky not to spot koalas in the eucalypts.

We visited this place to see koalas in the wild. It is worth to watch out for other wildlife too, like parrots, Rosellas, wallabies.



If there is some time you should do at least a short walk through the beautiful Otway National Park, where you will find much more Koalas in the trees.



Another great place and National Park where you definitively find lots of wild koalas is the Cape Otway National Park. Only a few kilometres west of Kennett River on the small Cape Otway Peninsula. If there is plenty of time or if you love koalas you should see both places  :-D


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