Kiama And Its Famous Blowhole

Kiama Blowhole and Lighthouse

The blowhole is the highlight of Kiama, but it also has beautiful walks around the coastline, the sea sparkles and on a good day you can see the whales out in the ocean. Kiama provides all what you can expect from a small costal town: lots of sandy beaches, waves, surfing, and is a great location to experience the Illawara country.

Surf and Fun Kiama

How the Kiama Blowhole Works

When the winds are coming from the South East then waves enter the mouth of the Kiama Blowhole & compress the air within the inner cavity.  Contrary to popular belief the tides do not have any bearing on the performance of the blowhole. The escaping air causes the loud „oomph“, which accompanies the water spout.

Kiama Blowhole

Over many years the Blowhole will become less vigorous, as the underground cavity erodes due to the pounding waves. As the retreating water leaves, it is forced upward by the compressed air, as the mouth is still blocked by the receding wave.Kiama-Blowhole21


Kiama Blowhole History

The main blowhole was discovered by George Bass on his voyage of coastal exploration on December 6, 1797, after anchoring his whaleboat in the sheltered bay which became Kiama Harbor. You will also find close to this big Kiama blowhole a smaller blowhole called „Little Blowhole“.

Kiama Little Blowhole

The small costal town of Illawara is located 120 km south of Sydney close to the Princes Highway.

Kiama Beaches


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