Felsformationen - Bunurong Marine Park - Victoria

Bunurong Marine Park – Where the 12 Apostels of the Great Ocean Road Go for Holidays ?? … at least this was the first impression when I was walking along this beautiful coast line and saw that similar rock formation  :-D The Bunurong Marine Park is a 2 hour drive from Melbourne. The village next, … mehr

Yachthafen in Mornington - Mornington Peninsula - Victoria

Mornington – A Colorful, Friendly, And Relaxing Place South of Melbourne Mornington is a lovely seaside town on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. It is located 60 km south-east of Melbourne’s centre. The perfect place, if you want to escape the vivid city of Melbourne. It is known for its „village“ atmosphere and its beautiful beaches with colorful iconic beach, … mehr

Morgennebel - Forgotten World Highway - Neuseeland

SH43 Forgotten World Highway  – New Zealands Most Beautiful Side Road SH43 Forgotten World Highway belongs to least used roads in New Zealand and will lead you into the world of Jurassic Park. It seams that after every corner a dinosaur could jump on you. A fascinating road with a lot of corners, 4, … mehr

Cape Farewell – Explore the Wild And Rugged Scenery – Still An Insider Tipp The wild northwestern coast of the South Island is the perfect place for a day adventure. You can start with the massive cliffs at Cape Farewell and the nearby Wharariki Beach. Going further north form Cape Farwell you’ll find the Farewell Spit, with it’s distinctive Kiwi shape, … mehr

Petrified Forest at Cape Bridgewater

Cape Bridgewater – A Mistake Made it Famous :) Cape Bridgewater  is located on the western shore of Bridgewater Bay, 21 km south-west of Portland, and 383 km from Melbourne. It lies within the Discovery Bay Costal Park. It is only a small detour, when heading from the Great Ocean Road to the Grampians Nationalpark (or the other way round).