SH43 Forgotten World Highway or Jurassic Park ?

Morgennebel - Forgotten World Highway - Neuseeland

SH43 Forgotten World Highway  – New Zealands Most Beautiful Side Road

SH43 Forgotten World Highway belongs to least used roads in New Zealand and will lead you into the world of Jurassic Park. It seams that after every corner a dinosaur could jump on you. A fascinating road with a lot of corners, 4 hilltops, partly unsealed, tunnels, and always great views. On 158 km you will pass some small, nice villages like Whangamomona (the smallest republic in the world) and you can learn a lot of the history of this region.

SH43 Forgotten World Highway from Stratford in Taranaki to Taumarunui

Driving the SH43 Forgotten World Highway leads you into endless green – leaves, gras, bushes, trees, forrest, hills … I sat at a viewpoint and started to count the different kind of green color the nature showed me … it felt that there are about 85 different kind of green  :-P

Beautiful SH43 Forgotten World Highway

The road that runs 158 km from Stratford in Taranaki to Taumarunui and it will take you about 3 hours in a car or on a motorbike, 4 hours in a campervan.


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