Stunning Sunsets & Sunrises In The Outback

The Most Beautiful, Awesome Sunsets & Sunrises In Australia’s Outback!

As soon as you are driving in the outback of Australia, there is only sun and flat area. Sometime used for cattle farms, sometimes forest but always flat.

This allows the outback to have one of the most wonderful, color changing, long lasting, stunning sunsets and sunrises.


Sonnenuntergang im Kurrimine Beach National Park

Sunset in the Kurrimine Beach National Park

Sunset in the Kurrimine Beach National Park North Queensland

Sunset in the Kurrimine Beach National Park - King Reefs


Never ending Sunset in the middle of nowhere or near Plain Creek  
200 km south of Charters Towers or 350 km south-west of Townsville in the Outback of Australia.

Usually a sunset last 5 minutes. This sunset in the outback had the horizon glowing for 35 minutes – in all colors: from light yellow, to orange to red to blue. I have never seen such a long lasting sunset in my life before!!

Sunset Outback somewhere near Plain Creek

sunset outback near Plain Creek


Sunset near Roma

a larger outback town, which is approximately 550 km west of Brisbane

Sonnenuntergang Outback near Roma

sunset outback near Roma


Sunrise in the outback of Queensland:

sunset in Australias outback near Roma

Sunrise Outback Queensland



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